Caterinel Marlon – Curriculum


University of Communication (Iasi, Romania)

Academia de Artă Dramatică (Bucarest, Romania)


Mother tongue: Italian, Romanian

Other languages: English (C1), Spanish (B1), French (B1)


Height: 1,77 m

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel


Full driving licence, horse riding, dancing, skiing, tennis, scuba diving, contortionism, athletics ex champion (high jump, 400 metres hurdle)


La macchinazione (2016) by David Grieco

In the role of the Prostitute

In the summer of ’75 Pier Paolo Pasolini’s film, “Salò”, is stolen from the lab where he is editing it. This is just the first step of an intricate plan that will bring the great poet to his violent death.

Country: Italy, France

Language: Italian, French

Leone nel basilico (2015) by Leone Pompucci

In the role of Juliette

Maria Celeste is a widow that lives in a retirement home. Every Sunday Maria sits alone on the park bench, though she tells everyone that she goes to her son’s to cook a lovely meal…

Country: Italy

Language: Italian

Loro chi? (2015) by Fabio Bonifacci and Francesco Miccichè

In the role of Ellen

David has a single ambition: earn the esteem and respect from the President of the company where he works, get a raise and a promotion to manager. One day his wish seems to come true but he meets Marcello.

Country: Italy

Language: Italian

Tale of tales (2015) by Matteo Garrone

There are three story strands bookended by brief bits in which Italians Alba Rohrwacher and Massimo Ceccherini will play a street circus family.

Country: Italy, France, UK

Language: English, Russian

La città ideale (2012) by Luigi Lo Cascio

In the role of Alexandra

A man takes his ecological lifestyle to the extreme.

Country: Italy

Language: Italian

Tutti i rumori del mare (2012) by Federico Brugia

In the role of Aylena

A modern day thriller set in the bleak underworld of the Hungarian and Italian human trafficking business.

Country: Italy

Language: Italian, English, Hungarian

L’Errore (2015) by Brando De Sica


In the role of Catrinel

A journey, a country brought to its knees by a financial crisis, an actress and the banality of evil.

Country: Italy

Language: Romanian


L’ispettore Coliandro (2017)

Director Manetti Bros

In the role of : Ambra

Country : Italy

Language : Italian

Badbarbies (2015) by Marco Costa

In the role of Vika

A modern day thriller set in the bleak underworld of the Hungarian and Italian human trafficking business.

Country: Italy

Language: Italian

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2013)

In the role of Elisabetta

Episodes: Last Supper by Frank Waldeck, Fearless by Eagle Egilsson, Double Fault by Brad Tanenbaum

Country: USA

Language: English

Un passo dal cielo (2012)

In the role of Anya

Episode: Facili prede

Country: Italy

Language: Italian

Chiambretti Sunday Night (2012)

In the role of the photographer


Questo non è paese (2014) by Francesco Apolloni

Theatre Spazio 1

Country: Italy

Language: Italian